A self-taught image maker with a unique, inventive style



I've always been fascinated with photography and videography.  In 2009, I developed a unique camera stabilizer and was granted a patent for the device in 2010.  I like to do things differently, thus I design and build unique equipment to achieve results beyond what was previously possible.  Despite the unique equipment, the most important thing to understand about creating beautiful images is that it's only about 5% the gear you use, and 95% how you use light.

light painted car hot rod factory 5


Some cars & motorcycles are beautiful objects that cannot be completely appreciated at a glance.  My techniques for shooting cars and motorcycles are actually multiple techniques that require custom-built equipment. Long exposure, multiple exposure, light painted and manually blended. These images are frequently made up of more than 60 individual frames.

Family portrait with flash photography


Photographing people brings another skill into play... psychology.  People I have worked with have soon been put at ease by my sense of humor.  Although I'm working, I don't see why it can't be fun.  I also like to educate my clients by explaining why I'm doing certain things with their position, or the position of the camera. It's great to see that moment when they realize why some images look better than others.

Twilight photo of real estate

Real Estate

Real Estate photography can be challenging.  Each home is different, but the principle rules of photography remain the same.  We can't always choose our subject, time of day, light and weather conditions, but a good photographer will always be able to get the best possible images given the circumstances.  By using flash for the interior shots and balancing the interior and exterior window views, or using High Dynamic Range, the images will look professional every time.


Professional Business Headshot

Being in any business is usually competitive.  These days, people will surf the web to find you and then contact you.  Make sure that first impression they get from you is professional.  It's much less expensive than you think, and adds tremendous value to you and your business.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.